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move well. move often. move together.


tgcf all access pass

your time. your work. 


commit to movement each week with unique and functional programs thoughtfully curated to focus on strength, mobility, balance, stamina, and recovery. 


i heart circuits! each program may vary in format but will always be a series of timed interval circuits - repetition is key to building muscle memory and honing our form!


we will work functionally - as in, we prioritize movements that we do every day in our lives! ie. deadlifts=picking up kiddos safely. lunges=going up and down the stairs pain free!


varying intensities! let's debunk that 'no pain, no gain' myth. we rarely need to be at 100% to build strength and work hard. we'll find that 'sweet spot' where we are challenged but we also feel GOOD!


emphasis on recovery, rest, and recharge! we will not have you working 7 days week! no thanks, burn out!


heavy focus on commitment to consistency over commitment to perfection.


4-5 killer programs delivered to your home each week via the trainerize app. every program is ~35 mins or less and formatted in timed interval circuits - all you have to do is press play and the app times and walks you through the workout.  there are demo vids of yours truly working each move as well as written queueing!


you own your calendar and can organize the workouts in a way that jives for your schedule. you can also repeat workouts as many times as you'd like! all you need is a pair of dumbbells!



with this membership you also gain access to ALL of the on demand videos in the library! there are mobility vids, tutorials on working specific movements, workouts, and lots more! this library is updated weekly/monthly so there is always something fresh! check out the current library here.


this membership is delivered through the trainerize app and is 100% virtual. once booked, you'll receive your activation link  for your trainerize account - go ahead and download the app and set up your dashboard! 

as soon as trainerize is locked and loaded, you will be subscribed to the membership and start the following day! 

*this membership is billed as a monthly subscription - no contract - can be cancelled at any time. registration is currently OPEN - sign up anytime!



photos above by: lauren white

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