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group fitness primer

learn the secret sauce to first class confidence!


thursday 9/22 & 9/29


431 pine street  - suite G02 - burlington vt

BFB 2.jpg

perfect for the human who

feels called to move and....


  • is nervous about all of the unknowns of group fitness...(that sh*t can be scary!)

  • is a newbie to fitness and would love to gain some insider info before diving into their first class!

  • has taken a class (or classes!) in the past but hasn't found the right fit (studio, instructor, format/focus)

  • is pumped to learn how to use tons of equipment and work through fundamental movements!

  • is looking to feel comfy asking questions in a supportive and non judgmental space alongside other humans in the same boat!

  • is ready to take the 1st step in feeling confident in any group fitness class they walk into!

photo by: emma rebeor

the course

day 1

thursday 9/22 @ 5:30-7p

day 2

thursday 9/29 @ 5:30-7p

we'll chat in depth about these topics:



  • what even IS group fitness? we'll cover the basics like common class types, format overview, equipment tour, and more!

  • get real! we're diving into anxieties / worries surrounding jumping into your first class and how to work with them rather than against!

  • you'll learn the top 3 elements to consider for every class and how to hone in on what is important to you!

  • Q&A! get your group fitness questions answered in a SAFE & SUPPORTIVE space!


let's MOVE! (and chat about it!)


  • get your first class checked off the list at TGCF!

  • sample a variety of formats! we will work through a number of mini circuits to get the feel for each!

  • learn fundamental movement patterns and exercises - implement in any class!

  • get comfy choosing weights, the movement variation that feels BEST for you, and how to pace yourself throughout class!

  • Q&A! open communication throughout!

PLUS...there's more!!!

  • take home pdf (40 pages!) with ALL the topics we cover in the course!

  • customizable checklists - get clear on what YOU look for in an ideal class/instructor

  • a coupon for 1 class at TGCF to use whenever you'd like!

reg. $144

are you ready to move?

i can't wait to see you in the studio!


Always get in an amazing workout with Hilary. She has awesome energy to get you fired up for our classes. I love how she takes the time to show lots of modifications to fit where you are in your own personal fitness journey

Such a great workout hitting all sorts of different things, not to mention the positive environment Hilary creates for us. I hope to be a part of this community for a long time to come!

That class was awesome! I love how Hilary always incorporates movements that I would not pick for myself. She then cheers you on the entire time! And by the time class is done, you feel AMAZING!

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