remote personal training

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we do the 


so you can 

do the moving!

photo by: emma rebeor

perfect for the human who wants to move but struggles with WHAT to do...we got you!

remote personal training with TGCF provides you with thoughtfully curated workouts based on YOUR lifestyle and goals! 
whether you've got specific performance goals in mind OR you just want to have some fun with movement (or both!) - we will build a sustainable and consistent routine for you to crush from home, the gym, and beyond! can't wait to be your biggest cheerleader!


the basics

  • initial movement assessment in the studio/via zoom! let's get to know each other, chat goals, and start MOVING!

  • 2-4 custom programs catered to your energy, goals, access to equipment, and  schedule - program frequency/intensity will be client dependent!

  • trainerize account - all workouts delivered via the trainerize app! check off workouts, view demo videos & written cues of each movement in your program, freedom to move workouts on your calendar to fit your schedule, repeat workouts, option to leave feedback/ask questions/rate workouts!

  • weekly check-ins via email/text/voice messages

  • killer support, accountability, resource - i'm your #1 fan all day, every day!

whatcha get

trainerize sneak peek!

movement at your fingertips!

  1. pull up your calendar

  2. click your workout for the day

  3. review the movements

  4. MOVE!

some workouts will be "press play and go!" - the app will time the intervals for you, tell you when you switch, and cue you to rest!

other programs will have prescribed reps and sets to work through!
crush it. save it. rate it. CELEBRATE!

jump into every workout with CONFIDENCE that you're about to move efficiently & effectively!
let's find your power & strength!

are you ready to move?


Hilary is unlike any other trainer I’ve worked with, in the best way possible. Every workout is well thought out and programmed to get you sweating and she encourages to listen to your body.

The work has increased my knowledge, overall strength and, perhaps most importantly, it has impacted my concept of who I am and what I am capable of.I highly recommend this investment in self.

I have been doing remote personal training with Hilary for a few months now. I love that Hilary took the time to understand what my goals were and created a program that fit with my lifestyle. Hilary is always accessible to motivate me when I need it, help me celebrate all my wins and keep me accountable to moving my body in a way that feels the best for me.