1:1 personal training
move well. move often. move together.

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1:1 training

in studio or virtual


signing on with a personal training usually means you gotta get to the gym....and going to a gym can be scary AF and bring up all kinds of insecurities for us, right? 

- is she judging me? 

- i'm going to feel stupid asking this question if someone hears me.

- i'm not really comfy in my skin right now - what is people can tell?

- what if i don't know how to do an exercise and someone sees?

- what if everyone is stronger than me?

i mean, just to name a few...i. hear. you. so let's take away all that noise and focus on YOU and your wellness and movement, ok? OK!

the TGCF studio is loaded with alllll the equipment we need to crush amazing workouts but here's the thing...it's quaint ( and adorable) and there is only room for a few people at at a time which is EXCELLENT news for you.


it's just you and me, babe! let's do the damn thing and work together to feel AHHHHHMAZING!

i'd love nothing more than to welcome you with open (possibly sweaty) arms into the studio  (in person or via zoom if you're not local) - i provide the workout, the cheerleading, the form instruction, the sick beats, we'll talk goals, we'll dance (if you wanna)...mostly we'll have FUN and work hard - I can't wait to work with you!

*if you're not local, we can still work 1:1 together via zoom!! i provide allllll the things above except the equipment ;) when you fill out the form below, just let me know you're interested in the virtual offering!



how it works

gimme the low down

if you're like me, you like to know the plan. i see you. the general order of events is below:



let me know you're into it OR let me know you have questions!


i will send you an email with all you need to know about getting started & answer any initial questions you might have. 


once we've decided on working together, i will send you a detailed google form to find out about YOU! your life, your goals, your energy, etc. from here, we'll set up a call or zoom to chat about the program going forward and make sure we are on the same page!


only thing left to do...get moving!! 

photos above by: emma rebeor

i'm in! 
please complete the form below - i will send you everything
you need to get started!

thanks for submitting!

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