move remotely

take me with you ANYWHERE! 

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all access pass

take me ANYWHERE with you with TGCF virtual programming! you'll have unlimited access to:


-4-5 new workouts each week (2 levels to choose from - each program is 35 mins or less!)

- demo videos and written cues for every exercise!

- utilize the chat feature to share wins with me or ask questions.

- BONUS: access to ALL guided on demand videos on (workouts, mobility, tutorials!)

own your time with complete control over your calendar - move things around so it jives with your schedule, repeat sessions you love, break when you need to, pick it up when it feels great, log your workouts if you want to (or don't!)...THIS. IS. YOURS. 

*this programming is 100% virtual and  accessed via the trainerize app - minimal equipment required! 


let's get movin' & groovin'!

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build your own workout!


think: 'choose your own adventure'...but make it FITNESS!

in this easy to follow virtual guide, you'll be given all the tools (and freedom!) to confidently program your own full body, functional workout! you'll have access to a movement glossary that cues each movement in great detail so you can be confident that you've got your form down!

and the best news?! there are SO many combos! you can play around with subbing in/out movements to find what works best for you OR create different phases for yourself!

this is PERFECT for you if:

* you need a routine change up and want to try something new!

* you go to move and don't feel like you have a focus and end up doing a bunch of random machines.

* you're ready to start moving but have no idea what to do - halp!

*delivered via PDF

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on demand

a little bit of everything! join me in some excellent movement when you choose from guided mobility work, tutorials, bodyweight workouts, HIIT, strength, foam rolling...SO MANY OPTIONS with a wide range of intensity levels as well as session lengths. ​

*rentals are good for 10 days - complete the video as many times as you'd like! mobility videos are good for lifetime purchase as well!

**access to ALL on demand videos  when ALL ACCESS PASS is purchased!

photos by: emma rebeor 


Since working with Hilary at TGCF, I have seen improvements in so many areas of life. I am stronger in my club sports. I can lift boxes easier at work. I don't feel myself getting out of breath when doing things like helping friends move. Overall, I feel a lot stronger!

I know that when I show up to each session, Hilary’s going to have a plan ready just for me and what I need. And she’s adapted it recently to work around a pesky tendonitis issue that hung around for several months. She’s a trusted guide who pushes me in all the right ways. She’s also a kind and genuine person who has become a good friend; she’s an empathetic listener and encourages extra ball slams as needed.

Every week I look forward to a workout that’s created for me.  I know Hilary will challenge me and it’s always so rewarding when she bumps the weight up!  …and even more rewarding when we’ve finished a session and I’m still (sometimes barely) standing.