building your fitness arsenal

did we ever think that dumbbells would be flying off the shelves as fast as toilet paper? heyo, 2020! home gyms are so in right now but i want to stress that you really don't need much for an effective, efficient work out. all my faves are below and very honestly you could choose 1 or 2 of these and be good. to. go, hunny. they are in order of 'essential - i use this in every work out' to 'i throw this in weekly' for me...

i recommend going with the items that make the most sense for you!


Bosu Ball


i love this one so much so it is at the top of my list. this piece is a bit more of an investment but i promise it is worth it! i always tell people if this is the ONLY thing you have, you're SET UP. grab yours (i believe you get 20% off your first order!) and sign up for sunday's bosu for breakfast  and learn all the movements you can do with it. let's bounce ;)

for purchase HERE



$ your first born child

i know these are TOUGH to find  right now but if you can get your hands on a set of 10 or 15 pound dumbbells...DO IT. this weight is so versatile especially when paired with some of the other suggestions on this page! if you can't find them available online, check your local facebook marketplace or craigslist. i've also seen them intermittently at marshalls & tj maxx so keep your eyes out!



$ your 2nd born child

another challenging piece to find right now but a great addition all the same. i have one big girl KB that i use for sumo squats, deadlifts, RDLs etc so my rec is to SIZE UP, friends. get one biggy and use it as your heavier load.


Pull Up Bar


ya'll know chin ups are my jam. this bar doesn't need to be mounted and has several grip options (classic, wide, and neutral). be sure to measure your door frame....the one linked below is for a wider door in my basement and it is the perfect set up.

for purchase HERE

bosu pods.jpeg

Bosu Pods


these cutie patooties have been welcomed into the homes of lots of our #fitfam this year! they are a bit more affordable than their big brother, the Bosu Ball and super versatile. these little babes will REV up so many of your fave prone exercises (planks, push ups, mountain climbers, etc) when you place one under each hand or foot! they are also amazing for squats, lunges, and RDLS. feel that burn!

for purchase HERE

trx slam.jpg

Slam Ball


ok, this one is FUN and has come in handy for the last few know, all the times you need to THROW shit?! and there is a lot more you can do with it than simply slamming it on the ground (and screaming as you do just me? ok). think uneven pushups, burpees, russian twists, goblet squat sub for a KB/DB...get creative and you'll love this one!


for purchase HERE




first of all these are SO affordable and second of all they will BURN like hell. wowza. throw these babies in for your core work or maybe reverse lunges or lateral lunges...FIRE, folks. scoop them up for sure!


for purchase HERE




the TRX holds a very special place in my heart...and it makes everything hard AF. what i love most about this piece of equipment is that it is super easy to travel with. throw it in your bag or suitcase (i'm talking about before/after covid times...STAY HOME!) and you are set for vacation or work-trip workouts. you can work core, cardio, and full body strength... ALL OF IT. pricing ranges quite a bit with these and there are some non-TRX brand options that would work just as well. keep an eye out for sales too...i snagged mine on amazon for 50% off a few years ago and they have been a staple ever since.


for purchase HERE

what is your fave? maybe you have something not on the list above that you use all the time to stay active? i wanna know! drop it in the form below and let's connect.