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open office mobility

welcome to your 'open office mobility' hub!

here, you'll find EVERYTHING you need to take full advantage of what this program has to offer!

open office mobility zoom sessions

we're not saving the best for last (although, how could we play favorites - each component of OOM is pretty darn fantastic!) so here's the biggy FIRST. get yourself movin' and groovin from your desk at the office, your workspace at home, or virtually ANYWHERE! hop into 1 or both of our 60 minute mobility PACKED zoom sessions each week - we will focus on relief and opening for the hips, low back, thoracic spine, shoulders, and neck! trust me, your body (and your mind) will thank you!

*remember - jump in anytime and stay as long as you'd like! 

join mobility session here: 

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guided mobility videos: unlimited access

choose from a growing library of guided mobility sessions and flows! join me "virtually" in the studio as i walk you through delicious feel good movements aimed at practicing the work we do during our zoom sessions. choose a targeted session or a full body flow to loosen up and reset that energy!

check out the library:

optimal viewing tips: 

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open office mobility eguide

a digital eguide STACKED with wellness goodness! learn about mobility and why it matters, foam rolling 101, habit building...we'll even chat with an anti-diet dietician and learn about a day in the life of a college level athletic trainer! use this resource to gain new wellness tools to add to your belt!

snag your own pdf copy: 

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virtual at home workout programming

take me ANYWHERE with you with TGCF virtual programming! you'll have unlimited access to:


40+ workouts each months (2 levels to choose from - each program is 35 mins or less!)

- demo videos and written cues for every exercise!

- utilize the chat feature to share wins with me or ask questions.

own your time with complete control over your calendar - move things around so it jives with your schedule, repeat sessions you love, break when you need to, pick it up when it feels great, log your workouts if you want to (or don't!)...THIS. IS. YOURS. 

*this programming is 100% virtual and  accessed via the trainerize app - minimal equipment required!

get more info/request access! 

'build your own strength circuit' eguide!
think 'choose your own adventure...
but make it FITNESS!

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