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on blogging

tldr; i now blog; proudly. let's speak up about anxiety, share plant stories, and have fun with group fitness. love you.


i'm blogging now? i'm a 'blogger'? what does that even mean? you all officially have permission to punch me in the arm if i start saying things like 'i'm going to blog about this' or 'i can't, i have to blog'.

ok, let's get (semi) serious - this is my first REAL post after all (meeting randy doesn't count because we can't give him that much credit or celebration. his piece was more of an intro/backstory). so, i go. blogging.

first, thank you for being here. i realize that for right now, in the beginning, you are probably here because i directly invited you ;) but you accepting that invitation and showing up means more than you know. i felt a sudden outgrowing of instagram as a writing platform and wanted to create a space to house all of my stories and experiences and continue to connect with the community.

i've thought about starting a blog for a while now and always shoved that idea right back deep down inside. i thought, 'come on, hilary. who will read this shit?' and 'everyone is blogger now; what makes you at all interesting?' i'd be lying if i said shadows of those fears aren't still lurking in there somewhere but i finally came to this freeing conclusion: just like i say to my group fitness community when i talk about comparison...'it only matters what you are doing. it doesn't matter what anyone else is doing'. a beautiful friend of mine introduced me to this powerful mantra in a yoga class she taught and i will never forget it.

so, what i'm doing is what matters. and what i'm doing is writing. sharing. embracing vulnerability. celebrating authenticity. challenging myself. committing to self care. connecting. and healing. and of course it is a gigantic bonus if you like anything you read or see in these pages ;)

if you read the entry before this, you've met randy...heck of a guy, am i right? a lot of my writing and stories center around anxiety and breaking down the walls of what keeps this topic tucked away...especially in a gym setting. with the help of therapy and some top notch friends & family (#squadgoals) i have learned to release some of those crippling binds for myself and am inspired to share my successes, struggles...and a healthy serving of humor/plants/fitness stuff (including but not limited to shameless self promotion for my group fitness classes!) :)

again, THANK YOU for being here. i hope you'll continue to check back in and if anything resonates or you'd like to connect, reach out. share. we are always stronger together.


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