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on choices

tldr; your life, your time, your choice.

the honor of choosing how we spend our time is wildly under celebrated. i believe this is because it is dangerously easy to forget how much control we have over our experience in this life. and yes, yall know im all about QUEEN universe being the ultimate, magical puppet master, but when we pay attention and authentically own our choices...well, that's when miss 'highest power' (whatever form of that you believe in) works with us in the greatest harmony, right? it's truly a beautiful thing if we take the time to view it as such. so let's view it as such, ya? here's how:

first let's talk choices. any choice, whether it is 'do i press snooze one more time?' or 'do i end this relationship?' or 'salad or pizza for dinner?' or 'do i sign up for an extra workout class this week or take a rest day?' or 'do i quit this challenge in the middle?'...every single choice is masking this simple yet powerful question: how do i want to spend my time. how can i choose so that every single minute is the best serving, glorious, and most fulfilling? start. getting. curious.

a two-part tape i like to replay in my head every time im faced with a 'should i do this or not?' choice is this: 1) WHY would i REALLY be doing it: routine/autopilot? FOMO? guilt? shame? fear? it's the 'right' thing to do? pressure? because i want to (sounds selfish. is not selfish)? and then.. 2) if my answer to question 1 is ANYTHING but 'because i want to', will this choice adversely affect my authenticity pact to myself?

scoring: if the answer to question 2 is ever 'yes', step back, lean in, listen up, proceed with great caution.

simple equation, right? yes, but we all know it isn't that easy most of the time because of things like our brains and insecurities and self esteem and social influences. but it IS a starting point; an exercise for the mind to start to align itself with that deep and intimate knowing one choice at a time.

last week in one of my classes we talked about choices - because we all had this choice in common, i asked everyone to think about why they came to class that morning. ultimately, we all chose to spend our time together (virtually)...but i'm willing to bet our reasonings and thought processes about WHY we chose this were very different. i went on to offer the following 'why' possibilities...does being here in class enhance your morning? your day? your LIFE? does the workout improve your energy? your mood? are you soaking up inspiration from others (virtually)? are you getting stronger and it feels good? are you here because you want to be? YES? cool cool cool, let's have some fun. if the answers are ever not in the general realm of the ones above, you're breaking your authenticity pack to yourself and doing yourself a massive disservice to spend your time doing ANYTHING that doesn't serve you. my class included. your time is YOURS and the universe will reward you for honoring that. choose you every time.


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