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on language

tldr; what you say matters & how you say it matters more. speak with intention. support your people.

i talk a lot during my classes. even as a rambler, HOW i say things is actually quite intentional. how you talk to yourself matters and how i talk to you matters, too. because of this, there are things you will NEVER hear me say in class (unless i completely slip, i'm human - but best believe i will hear myself and course correct, QUICKLY!) here's what i mean:


read the following two sentences:

*if you can't do jump squats, you should just do regular squats*


*if jump squats don't feel good today, you can choose classic squats*


i don't know about you, but i FEEL the difference between the two pretty immediately. the first one, while probably not intentionally negative, elicits a "weaker than" vibe. the second version encourages tuning into the body and listening. it also gives permission to TRY and then make a choice for yourself. here's your cheat sheet to transform this 12 word sentence:


instead of: if you can't do...(assumes inability)

replace with: if this doesn't feel good...(promotes self check ins)


avoid: you should...(eliminates choice)

go with: you can choose...(encourages options)


sub out: regular...(read: easier and plain jane)

sub in: classic...(OG crowd pleaser!)


no: just...(belittling)

yes: ....omit completely - all the time


if you're a motivator, an instructor, a teacher, a coach...check yourself. HOW are you speaking to your precious people?! what shifts can you make in your delivery to insure you're genuinely supporting every ability level?


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