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on skipping workouts

tldr; rest is important. moving is important. tune in & listen up: choose what you need.

i skipped all of my workouts last week and guess what happened...?

not. a. whole. lot. (negative, that is)

i preach and preach about tuning in and listening to your body and making choices that serve rather than check a box. and make no mistake, this is work for me too. it’s HARD. im human. i love routines. i struggle with a change in plans especially in relation to my goals. so when my mind or body doesn’t cooperate, an unplanned week of rest isn’t quite the same celebration as it would be if i had written it into my program

last week was one of those weeks that challenged me to listen up. and tbh, i think i fucking nailed it.

i chose a complete rest day last monday instead of yoga. i chose a walk outside on tuesday instead of a class. i chose time with my family on wednesday instead of HIIT. and did i think, “you’ll feel better if you just do it” and “i could just push through” at least once or bet your sweet caboose i did and i know im not alone in that battle; but, sorry to say, that dialogue probably won’t ever go away and we don’t actually want it to. because sometimes you WILL push through. but the KNOWING is the key. knowing when to stand down and when to send it. the practice of being gentle with ourselves takes so much time and finesse.

you’ve probably heard, “the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do”. ok, maybe, but while you might not regret the workout, could subbing in something else actually have had a BETTER outcome (mentally? physically?)

for me, yes. lsat week i stood down. i recharged. rest was important. necessary. and inevitable. ive learned (am still learning) you can tune in and choose when to rest...or your body can let ya know - the latter is usually more painful so let’s all practice honoring our needs and being kind to ourselves, ya? i PROMISE it won’t set you back .


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