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on this week

tldr; check in with yourself. what do you need right now? do that. love you.

hey. hi. hello. how are you? no, no, like...really. how are you? not great? alright, same. let's sit with it...but we'll sit with it together <3

we're about to enter into what will probably be a tough week. thanksgiving has been a time to gather and give thanks for the abundance of family, love, and green bean cass (terr makes the BEST GBC). this year is different and you know what, i'm feeling sad and pretty worried about my culinary skills. but in all seriousness, many of us have had to make the hard choice to forgo our regularly scheduled family celebrations. first of all, good for you. i'm proud of you and i'm with you. this WILL end; it has to.

so here's what we are going to do. check in with yourself right now and every day (maybe every hour if you need it) this week and ask, 'what do i need right now'...and then really listen. and then do it. maybe you'll hear...

  • crying in the shower

  • a nap

  • a stocked wine rack...GO.NOW.

  • less alcohol and more water

  • face timing with mom or dad

  • call your therapist

  • more movement

  • less movement

  • a social media cleanse or break

  • screaming into a pillow

  • eating the entire pint of B&J's

  • solo time outdoors

  • organizing your pantry, closet, bedroom, bathroom, garage...

  • playing hooky from work for an extra day

  • adopting a dog or cat

whatever it is, give yourself permission to do it. be kind to your mind, your heart, and your energy and protect it. take a lot of deep breaths and reach out if you need.

take good care, friends.


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