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on wishing for the past

tldr; we cannot go back in time. you are the most evolved and smartest version of you RIGHT NOW. as you grow, so do your goals. move forward.

when you are an instructor or a trainer, your people share a lot of personal information with you. their stories. their insecurities. their fears. their goals. the idiotic thing their boyfriend did last week. you name it. but seriously, it is truly a great honor to be trusted with the tough stuff surrounding fitness (and non-fitness) in people's lives. this is also why so many trainers/instructors form genuine friendships with their is a pretty intimate relationship. i mean, hey, i got a best friend out of mine, right aimee? iloveyousomuch...but i digress....

lately the most common thing i'm hearing is “i used to be able to do...'fill in the blank', and now i can't". some of this is due to the pandemic shutting the gyms down and some of it is coming from a shift where wellness is becoming a priority again in this stage of life. either way, my feelings on it are the same.

here it is. i was talking to one our #fitfam clients the other day about where she was in her journey and she said "i'm not making it a goal to get back to where i was". read that again. YES. HECK YES. i believe that one of the biggest disservices you can do in your journey is to wish or strive for the past - and trust me 100%, i have been there and i know it's hard.‍

but think about it this way. the only choice is forward, always. making a goal to "get back to a, b, or c" is not an option because you have already lived that phase and shed that skin - plus you are not a time traveler, sorry . we are ever-changing, evolving, learning, and growing as humans every single day and we can never go back.

instead: move on, and level up, friends. it isn't about "getting anything back" is looking inside, listening up, and leaning in. "NOW you" has lived more than "THEN you" and therefore has more experience, better tools, and more is simply science, right? #getit


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