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*please sign up at least 30 minutes before class starts*

group fitness classes 



7:35-8:05a via zoom


tight on time but still want to get that delicious morning energy flowing? this quick-fire burner is absolutely fantastic and features everyone's favorite finisher...the tabata! in 30 minutes we'll crush 4 unique tabatas focused on high intensity movements like squat jumps, burpees, jump lunges, plank jack push ups, and rock climbers. each interval is only 20 seconds and you don't need a thing but your body, baby - heck ya! mods will be offered for ALL energy levels and abilities so join us to tabata style!


on hiatus for winter break!

see you in the spring!


we're taking it to the lot! join us in the great outdoors of south burlington for a classic bootcamp style scorcher! we'll work a circuit of 10-12 stations for timed intervals. you can expect to crush agility ladders, kb swings, ball slams, shuttle runs, jump rope, bosu work and ALL. THINGS. CARDIO & GRIT. let's tap into that inner and outer badass i know you all have and test our endurance and strength - sunday funday, right?! as always, mods will be available for any ability or energy level. let's have some fun!


on hiatus for now! keep an eye out for pop ups!

 via zoom

drop intervals

our strength based class - this is a fun one, guys. we'll work with 10 exercises and make sure to hit the whole body! after a full warm up, the 1st circuit of 10 exercises will be 40 seconds each - 2nd time around we will drop that interval to 30 seconds each - and finally, round 3 is dropped to 20 seconds each for a fire finisher! dumbbells option but not required! all levels, are welcome and encouraged!

all photos by: lauren white

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