Taking virtual classes with Hilary was one of the best routines I started implementing during the beginning of quarantine and I still love it.  There’s a class for everyone and I’ve always loved the high intensity workouts. She’s continually pushing me in classes and making me better. She’s amazing at giving alternatives whether my body needs a little less impact that day or I’m ready to go all the way out. Think you’re too hungover or tired for class? Wrong, she’ll be your biggest hype woman and you will NEVER regret doing it once it’s over.  Early morning Tabata’s with Hilary have become my favorite! I start my day with a strong workout, get to hear a few words of wisdom from the queen (Hilary 😊) and listen to great music. Even better that I can wake up 15 minutes before the class starts and know that my body will be taken through a proper warm up before I get into the real work. I will forever recommend that everyone needs to try all of her classes!! 

jessie s.

Hilary is an amazing group training instructor!She has a great combination of high energy, emotional intelligence and she genuinely wants to see the people around her succeed. Train with
Hilary and she will Take Good Care of YOU!

jay a.

I found Hilary’s fitness classes in March 2020, little did I know what I was stumbling into, as we all tried to pivot to a virtual life. Joining with Hilary and other participants multiple times a week to raise our heart rates, push our limits, and focus on mental, emotional, and physical strength, has been such a joy and become an essential part of my weekly self care routine. Hilary is such a supportive and encouraging coach; she isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and from that vulnerability encourages you to meet your own edges. It is clear that Hilary teaches from her own enthusiasm for fitness and self growth, and that she wants the vest for her students. An aspect of Hilary’s teaching style that I find both comforting and motivating, is her encouragement for you to listen to your own body; she offers multiple modifications to all the movements in her classes and empowers her students to check in with themselves to choose what suits them best today. Come try a class with Hilary, I promise you will leave happy.

carter c.

I can always count on Hilary’s classes to be fun, well-balanced and a great burner!  Hilary’s bubbly and positive personality is sure to get you through the hardest of sets (sometimes even with joy).  Her classes are highly adaptable to accommodate all age groups and levels, and she’s wonderful at making modifications to accommodate all members to ensure they are feeling challenged and welcome! I have been attending Hilary’s classes virtually for almost a year now, and I continue to enjoy and look forward to the new challenges she throws my way each class.  I 100% recommend her classes to anyone and everyone, whether you’re well-versed or new to the fitness world.  I can always rely on her to provide a great workout, and leave feeling empowered and ready to conquer!

sophie h. 

Hilary’s classes are fun, creative, efficient, thoughtful and inspiring.  She has a true passion for group fitness that is obvious in her teaching style and careful planning. 12/10 recommend!

majken t.

I have been working with Hilary Rooney for going on two years. I have taken in person classes and zoom classes with her. Hilary  brings high energy to her zoom classes. She demonstrates how to do each exercise in multiple ways so no matter what you have or don't have for weights or if need a lower impact, she will show you. As she leads the class, she shares her knowledge and different insights to mindfulness and body movements. Hilary has such a passion for teaching, supporting, and inspiring her clients. I feel inspired in each of Hilary's classes. As I have been told, "It doesn't get easier, you get stronger." This so true and building strength through Hilary's classes is one of the best feelings ever. 

brooke p.

I have been taking Hilary’s classes via in person and zoom for the last 1.5 years. Hilary has a way of making each class motivating, different, and fun! There are modifications for each movement that Hilary will demonstrate and then cheer you on for as you crush it at whatever level your body is feeling that day. Hilary makes a point to get to know us as well as each of our fur babies and even says hi to them if they appear on the screen! I love all of Hilary’s classes and highly recommend everyone to give a zoom class a try. Get ready to sweat, laugh with a big smile, and possibly curse the screen when you hear a move you do not like, but then feel absolutely amazing after the workout  is complete!

connor r. 

I found Hilary's Tabatas class during a transitional time in fall of 2020. I had no idea what Tabatas meant yet, with Hilary's enthusiastic encouragement, I dragged myself out of bed (and I do mean dragged, I'm not a morning person) to attend her Tuesday morning Tabatas. Week after week, it provided me with stability and excitement, during a time that was the exact opposite. Hilary is engaging, encouraging, and energetic. She works with all levels (mine personally began with flopping around) and all bodies. She offers modifications, a sense of humor, and a sense of community.Highly recommend Hilary's classes.

elissa m.

I began taking Hilary’s on-demand booty programming and absolutely LOVED it! Practically begging her to put out the next series! When taking her zoom classes it was just as great except I got to have the continuous motivation & grounding from her throughout the class live. Hilary provides a space that allows you to ground yourself and be exactly where you are at, while also pushing yourself. Each class I was reminded very often to check in with my body & how I was feeling and do what felt best, I’ve never ever experienced that kind of approach to fitness. Each class is such a refreshing experience knowing that you are supported wherever you are at that day. I’m so excited for this new business venture for Hilary & excited to take more of her classes. The best part of Hilary’s teaching is her genuine care for each person & not only their fitness but their overall wellness — mental & emotional etc! What a light in the fitness world!!

sarah l.

I was super nervous for my first group fitness class but as soon as I walked in (pre-Covid times) Hilary instantly made me feel welcomed! Hilary’s classes offer multiple options and I love that she encourages you to listen to your body and decide what feels best for you! Hilary has gracefully transitioned her classes to the virtual setting over the past year and they have been just as awesome! If you attend one of her classes you can expect some bomb music, plenty of encouragement and an incredible group of people! I would highly recommend anyone to take one of her classes, in fact I’ve brought friends, my boyfriend and even my mom .. (and of course my dog) !!

emma h.

Hilary’s tabatas class was such a great addition to my COVID isolation.  It’s an intense workout in a manageable amount of time and Hilary makes everything so much fun ! She really works with whatever level you’re at and encourages you along the way. If you want to laugh, sweat and be inspired, try her classes!!

sonia m.

Hilary brings a lot of energy and variety to the work outs and classes she leads. She always does them beforehand so knows what we'll be doing and feeling, which I appreciate. She also provides variations of the moves so each person in the class has the opportunity to work at a skill level that best suits her/him. I enjoy her classes because her upbeat attitude is infectious - I want to work harder than I would on my own or just following a pre-taped youtube video. I always feel like I got in a great work after the class is over. I'm never bored. She also encourages all her participants throughout the  classes, which I have found as another great motivator.

laura t.

Full disclosure.  I’m Hilary’s mom.  We have spent years working out together in various ways which included running, Zumba and group classes focused on strength training.  She has always been my motivating force.  Always making me feel confident that I can do whatever I set my mind to while having fun doing it!  I’m thrilled to share what I have always experienced with this amazing fitness community she is working so hard to build. Her programming is intentional, interesting and inclusive of all fitness levels.   I always know that the workouts will be challenging but she is always aware that each day brings a different level of energy and encourages us to listen to our bodies and our minds and move accordingly.  I’m so thankful for her enthusiasm for teaching  group fitness and truly look forward to this next chapter with Take Good Care Fitness!

terrie b.

I have been taking classes with Hilary for about 2 years now. From one on one training, in person classes, to zoom classes. No matter what format she is always encouraging and meets you were you're at and is constantly telling you to listen to your body. Her classes are programmed for all levels and there are always modifications for all. I strongly encourage everyone to take her classes from beginners to pros. You will not regret it.

jocelyn c. 

Hilary is unlike any other trainer I’ve worked with, in the best way possible. Every workout is well thought out and programmed to get you sweating and she encourages to listen to your body. She is deliberate in her communication and offers variations of every movement so you get exactly what you need out of your workout. When you work with Hilary you get a trainer, an educator (she’ll always tell you about the muscles you’re working and their scientific names), and a cheerleader who is sure to make you feel welcome no matter where you are on your fitness journey!

emma s.