hi, i'm hilary! i'm a vermonter who feels at home at the top of a chin up bar. cleaning and organizing my house calms me. i'm a loud and proud dog mom to a crazy 3 year old goldendoodle named pemi. and my passion is helping women prioritize themselves and feel AH-MAZING through personal training and group fitness classes.


movement teaches us the value of showing up for ourselves and welcomes us into a community. and although that can look different for everyone, it brings us together in an extremely powerful way.  


the most important thing i have learned in my 2.5 years of training and teaching actually has little to do with me. rather, it centers around YOU. yes, you, the magical and badass human trusting me with your movement and honoring me with your time and commitment. my most cherished and valuable lesson has been to witness the extraordinary level of vulnerability and courage that it takes to sign up for training or show up for a class. it isn't easy. i vow to always acknowledge and celebrate that because it is a big frickin' deal. you rock. 


my mission is to create a space for you to come with whatever energy, ability, or #mood you are sitting with and build strength and confidence that will enhance your experience in your body and in your life. here, you'll learn how to listen to your body, move authentically, and take good care as you make time for yourself. additionally, with this space, comes a solid community that supports and roots for every member unconditionally. this is the pact of the #tgcfitfam. i'd truly love to have you join me in the studio or virtually!

please reach out with any questions or to say hi!


​take good care,



photo by:  lauren white

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