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my movement philosophy
fitness culture has done you dirty.
they've done their very best to teach you that you should
be able to foster a sustainable, smart, & progressive movement routine
on our own...and if you can't do that...

you've failed
it's not meant for you.
you're doomed.


if this resonates, i want to start by saying, you are NORMAL.

for MOST people, cultivating their own movement routine and sticking
with it long term is VERY hard and often extremely unrealistic
- so please stop beating yourself up!
(pssst. i wouldn't have a job if it wasnt this way!)

turns out, you're just human. and reaching out for support in an area of
someone else's expertise is not cheating or admitting defeat. it i
s SMART.  

OH, and would you look. at.'re already in the right place!

i'd LOVE to help! and here's how:
photo by ryan haywood

first, i'm just going to say it...f*ck the weigh ins.  before/after photos. BMI check ins. body measurements. heavy focus on weight loss as the. 'burn it to earn it' or ‘sweating for the insert event here’.  gosh, are we so done with that or what?!

i want you to feel GOOD moving your body. i want you to find how you LIKE to move. i want you to CRAVE the feeling you feel before, during  and after a workout. 

at TGCF, my mission is to help you focus that precious energy and time on moving for YOU. moving to find your power. to make your every day life feel better. to keep you moving PAIN FREE as you age. and to lock and load your confidence to TAKE UP MORE SPACE (not less of it)! 

no matter where you're starting from, i can't wait to be your hype lady as you crush this journey!

personal training offerings

1:1 personal training

$295 monthly

> 4 sessions (1 hr each) per month - recurring weekly time slot at *private* TGCF studio


> customized programming focused on your individual goals 

> access to trainerize (workout storage app) for optional workout tracking

>high probability of leaving feeling better than when you walked in the door

> 10 additional/optional programs per month to complete outside of the studio

TGCF collective: small group training

$180 monthly

> 4 group sessions (1 hr each) per month - recurring weekly time slot (7 to choose from!) at TGCF studio 


> customized programming focused on your individual goals (YES, each member has their own programming!)

> access to trainerize (workout storage app) for optional workout tracking

> likelihood of making a few new friends is HIGH

> TGCF micro community included!!

not sure which option jives best? let's chat!
photo by owl's iris photography
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