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Statements made regarding health and wellness outcomes is not a guarantee that the Client will have the same results. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Coach cannot guarantee future results or success with the fitness program. The Client’s success is based on their own actions and not on the services. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Coach is not liable for their success or lack thereof. Before beginning any type of fitness plan, nutrition plan, or other health or wellness plan, it is your responsibility to consult with a medical professional, registered dietitian, or nutritionist.


The Client acknowledges that there may be an inherent risk of injury based on the activities of the services provided. It is up to the Client to obtain medical clearance, if necessary.


The Client agrees and acknowledges that the Coach is not a licensed medical doctor, physical therapist or licensed counselor. The Coach is certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. The services are not meant to be a complete solution for any situation and do not make any such promises or guarantees. It is the Client’s responsibility to obtain a professional if necessary for their situation and the Client is not responsible for any outcome.

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