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The community at Take Good Care Fitness is committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and judgment-free atmosphere. All community members are tasked with upholding the following community/studio guidelines -


In this space (both physically and virtually):



We honor and respect body diversity, recognizing that ALL BODIES are inherently worthy. We do not make disparaging comments about any bodies, including our own and we do not offer appearance-based compliments.



We celebrate each other for the people we are and not the bodies we have. We understand and accept that this is not the place for conversations about weight loss, appearance changes, diets, or calories.



We don’t believe “fat” is a bad word and we never use it as a way to criticize ourselves or others.



We understand that challenging body image days happen for ourselves and others. We commit to validating the discomfort of others and expressing our own struggle using intentional and thoughtful language.



We believe food is amoral, which means we do not describe it as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, and we certainly don’t judge our worth or others on the food decisions made. We also don’t subscribe to any form of “burn it to earn it” mentality - We believe that all bodies deserve to be nourished unconditionally.



We support and cheer each other on to reach movement and strength goals, rather than aesthetic goals.



We recognize that everyone’s journey and goals are uniquely their own and avoid comparing ourselves with others.



We remain open to redirection if we say or do something that does not align with these community guidelines.

Thank you for doing your part to make Take Good Care Fitness a

safe space to be for all humans - You are appreciated!

photo by ryan hawood
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