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my top picks for home!


you could argue that a couple of dumbbells or kettlebells is essentially ALL you need so i always recommend starting here!


"ok, so what should i get?!" GREAT QUESTION.

if your budget allows, investing in a light, medium, and heavy set could be ideal so you can cover all your bases! 

if you need to get the most bang for your buck and get the most out of 1 single set, i would say go somewhere in the middle - this way you will get a weight with the MOST versatility. anything you might need a light weight for you could find a body weight substitution and anything you might need a heavy weight for, you could add more reps or sets or play with the tempo. 

WHERE TO PURCHASE: amazon, facebook marketplace, dicks sporting goods, target, TJ MAXX, marshalls, total fitness equipment (if youre a VT local!)

PRO TIP: weights aren't always cheap. look for anything that is about $1-$1.50 per pound and don't get too caught up on the brand. ALSO some are sold individually and some as pairs so read carefully!



photo by ryan hawood

a bench can take your home workouts to another level! hello bench press, 3 point row, rear foot elevated split squats, step ups, step downs, hip thrusts...

there are 2 common options: a flat bench (top photo) or an incline bench (bottom photo). in general, the incline bench is going to be more expensive and more complicated to put together... BUT it offers a lot more options in terms of movements (incline pressing movements & chest supported movements) and you can always use it as a flat bench as well. when deciding, think about what movements you'll most likely be doing and go with what makes the most sense for you. 

WHERE TO PURCHASE: amazon, facebook marketplace, total fitness equipment (if youre a VT local!), rogue fitness

PRO TIP: rogue fitness is generally pretttty $$$ but i am partial to their 'Rogue Flat Utility Bench" at $195, it is a super solid bench and comes assembled!


PRO TIP #2: no matter where you decide to get your bench from, READ REVIEWS! there are so many options out there. make sure that what you are choosing is sturdy and reliable.  

flate bench.webp
incline bench.jpeg


a squat wedge is a great tool for squats or lunges mainly because it can increase the depth and range of motion of your movements. when standing on a wedge, the angle reduces the amount of ankle mobility (dorsiflexion) required as you drop into your squat. so, if your ankles are the limiting factor, the wedges allow you to get that depth! they are also fantastic for really targeting the quads, keeping your spine aligned,  and allowing for optimal breathing...heck ya!


PRO TIP: the individual wedges are GREAT for a wider stance because you can place them as wide as you want. a single, wider wedge is also great if your stance is narrower.

squat wedge 2.jpeg


the TRX is an AMAZING addition to your gym - use the resistance of your own bodyweight to work strength, balance, stability, core, mobility...ALL. THE. THINGS. PLUS it is super easy to travel with and comes with an "over the door" anchor so you can use it anywhere. 

i absolutely LOVE having this as part of my home collection - super versatile. easy storage. you control the challenge. add other modalities if you want. a top notch choice!


PRO TIP: sometimes they go on sale on amazon!


PRO TIP #2: purchasing the ceiling mount (TRX XMOUNT) IS SO WORTH IT! 

TRX 2.jpg
TRX woman.jpeg


a bosu ball is an amazing piece if you are looking to enhance your stability! you can sit on it, stand on it, squat on it, plank on it, jump on it, march on it, shuffle over it...definitely a favorite of mine! it doens't take up much space, weighs about 15 pounds, and comes with a pump to inflate!


PRO TIP: they often offer a '20% off your first order' deal!



like most things in the fitness world (ok, in life), foam rolling/using a lacrosse ball can sometimes be a bit controversial. should you? shouldnt you? before a workout? after a workout? does it actually do anything? my opinion is also how i feel about most of the controversial things in the fitness depends. AND. if you like it and it feels good and it helps, do it.


i like it. it feels good to me. so i do it. i see foam rolling as a tool to let my brain know to let my muscles know it is ok to relax. i generally use a foam roller before and/or after a workout when im feeling tight in any general areas. 

i use the lacrosse ball for pesky knots in my glutes or traps and i swear by fact i have one in my bag at all times. 

WHERE TO PURCHASE: amazon, facebook marketplace, dicks sporting goods, target, TJ MAXX, marshalls, total fitness equipment (if youre a VT local!)

PRO TIP: there are LOTS of options for both. my fave are the trigger point rollers. and i like these lacrosse balls simply because they are teal and come in a 6 pack for the studio.

pink foam roller 12.jpeg
lacross ball.jpg
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