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build your confidence

discover your strength 

move with us! offering personal training, small group training
& group fitness in burlington's south end!

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photo by: owl's iris photography

meet hilary

TGCF owner & head of all the things!



hi hi! i'm hilary!

gosh, i'm so happy you've found us - i run things around here and i can already sense you are ready to bring that inner badass to the surface - HELLO WORLD! am i right? yeah? alright, i got you!

our space on pine street is WAITING for you to make your move - let's do the damn thing!

learn more about our story below <3



a 6 week program

need a jumpstart? maybe you're brandy new to strength training and need a starting point? maybe LIFE took over and your routine isn't so 'rountine-y' anymore? or are you kinda burnt out from making up your own workouts? sound familiar?

OK, LISTEN UP - i hear you!

MOVE is a FULLY REMOTE 6 week program focused on helping you set the foundation for a sustainable and FUN workout routine. and if you you know me at all, you know it will be focused on my absolute forever jams...THE BASICS & COMMUNITY. 

because keeping it simple will stick and accountability is KEY :)

are you ready to start building? i would absolutely LOVE to see you -  link below for more!


photo by: ryan haywood

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