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move well
move often
feel good

in burlington's south end!


photo by: emma rebeor

photo by: emma rebeor


hello &

hilary rooney



hi, i'm hilary! i'm a born & raised vermonter who feels at home at the top of a chin up bar. cleaning, organizing and list making calms me. i love wine and sour patch kids and thriller novels. and you'll never have to ask me to tell you the latest about my 4 year old golden doodle, pemi ;) oh, and i LOVE to move my body and help others prioritize movement in their lives!


i built take good care fitness to help you find movement that gets you excited - movement you want to share with your friends and family - movement that makes you feel like a badass - movement that you want to celebrate. movement that enhances your life. 

at take good care fitness, we move to FEEL good and get STRONG! i hope you'll join us on pine street!


​take good care,


photo by: lauren white

photo by: owl's iris photography



personal training

come hang in the studio!

1:1 or 2:1 personal training 

group fitness

weekly group classes held at the studio!

on demand

work out with me! follow along and get strong from anywhere!

corporate wellness

bringing the movement to you! 

coming soon!


From the start I was confident that I would receive high quality, tailored instruction.  However, I did not know that this work would shift my definition of myself, and eventually, would shift my I can, I do and I wills....


The work has increased my knowledge, overall strength and, perhaps most importantly, it has impacted my concept of who I am and what I am capable of.

I’m so glad I crossed paths with Hilary. I wasn’t seeking a personal trainer and yet it turns out it was just what I needed, or at least Hilary was what I needed.


My previous exposure had been observing trainers at the gym and I wasn’t impressed. But I started going to Hilary’s outdoor bootcamps and when the weather got cold, I realized that I wanted more.

 I began attending training with the simple goal of moving more and being held accountable after two years of remote work with minimal movement. I was nervous and felt guilty that I had “let myself go”. However, what I continue to receive out of training sessions at TGCF training sessions in an extremely welcoming, inclusive and positive environment created by Hilary that truly makes you feel good about your body ands it’s abilities.