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meet the team

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TGCF group fitness team

creating a welcoming and supportive environment, helping you find the movement that feels the absolute best for you that day, and making sure you leave feeling better than when you walked in is the priority of each of our instructors. let's get to know the group fitness crew!

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photo by hilary rooney

ryan haywood

Like a lot of people I have spent my entire life struggling with weight and the stigma attached to being bigger. I would go through bouts of diet-misery trying to become 'skinny', which is a truly unrewarding endeavor IMO and honestly, not even the optimal strategy for health and longevity.

This all changed in 2022 when I thought, "hey, what if I just lean into what my body has always naturally wanted to be, and put my effort into getting as big and strong as possible?". So instead of dieting, I wanted to focus on fueling the work to get the most out of each training session.

That's when I found Hilary and TGCF! I needed a safe space to train hard and not worry about feeling self conscious—and the results have been life altering! I discovered a love for strength training and the TGCF community, so much so that I was motivated to get my own certification in personal training, which I completed in 2023 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

My goal is to help folks make this shift towards building instead of losing, something that has been transformative to me personally. I'm passionate about figuring out how to bring enjoyable and effective movement to those who might not consider themselves  'athletes'.

When I'm not training I'm working as a software engineer, being SUPER lazy at home (I rest real hard y'all), learning about training, spreading the gospel of protein, or making pizza and drinking beer! Can't wait to see you in the studio!!

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photo by emma rebeor

hilary rooney

i was forced to teach my first group fitness class. my trainer at the time was going out of town and i asked who would be subbing her class while she was away. "you are", she said. so, i did (and best believe i did it SCARED...more like terrified). but that was all it took; i fell fast. not even a month later i had 2 regular classes on the studio schedule. then 3. then i got certified in personal training. quit my job. started take good care fitness. and here we are! there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you experience someone pushing themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of - mentally or physically. it is truly intoxicating; the best motivation to continue sharing movement with as many humans as possible. this is why i teach! 


when i'm not at the studio - i absolutely LOVE being home. i love walking my dog. i write a to do list (yes, on paper) every single morning. my fave brewery is currently zero gravity. i'm always reading a thriller novel. i despise receiving the "thumbs up" emoji as a text response. i find a lot of joy in going to bed early. i keep a pretty small circle so spending time with friends and family is very important. i will always say yes to charcuterie (and wine). i'm an only child born on april fool's day. lastly, I LOVE TO MOVE!


emma saunders

Hi there! My name is Emma and I've been lucky enough to be part of the TGCF fam from the beginning. I fell in love with movement after returning to Vermont in 2015 and taking some boxing fitness classes. Through the years I've tried just about everything - spinning, CrossFit, HIIT, and strength training. Group fitness classes helped me
learn to build confidence in movement and to find a sense of community. I think that is my favorite part of TGCF - the community! I love helping people feel welcome into this family, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Strength training has helped me feel comfortable in my body and proud of the things I am able to do. I hope
that I can help others get similar benefits through my strength classes!

Outside of TGCF I can be found at my day job as a board certified behavior analyst, working primarily with people with autism. I am a VT native and live in South Burlington with my (slightly neurotic) dog, Lexie, and my husband.

I can't wait to see you in the studio!


pamela keyser

Pam Keyser  has been practicing yoga for 25 years. She did get  teacher training in 2015 at Laughing river Yoga where she continues to practice. She has been teaching various classes in the Central Vermont area for the last 7 years.


She recently relocated back to Burlington and is happy to be sharing practice with students again. along with yoga, Pam enjoys pickle ball, dancing, biking and hiking.


Pam is beginning the Death Doula course at UVM this month as well.  Pam believes we are all spiritual beings living a human existence.

behind the scenes!

photo by: lauren white

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photo by: lauren white
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