personal training

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movement philosophy

what is it that they always say...


it's all about balance.


seek balance.


yeah. ok, sure...but WHAT

does that even mean? 

we hear this all the time but what is balanced for me might feel completely WHACK to  you, right?!

so, i'm going to let you in on a little wellness world secret....

you ready?


ok...listen up!

there is no right or wrong. there is no one size fits all. there is no universal balance. there is no magic routine or equation that you've been missing out on. 

there is just you. and your life. and your values. and your priorities, and your energy. and your time. 

that's it. 

and you know what? this is GREAT frickin' news because it means YOU own this. you decide. you get to be curious. you get to try. you get to build your own power. 

so, you want to know the best, most efficient, most effective, most amazing way to MOVE?


here's the answer:

find  the ultimate way you like to move,  how often and what makes you FEEL the best mentally, physically, and energetically...and continue to reevaluate this OFTEN. there it is. chef's kiss!

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training style

i'm going to keep it real. here's what you won't find here:


- weigh ins

- before/after photos

- BMI focus

- body measurements

- calorie tracking

- focus on weight loss

- 'burn it to earn it''s all about how you FEEL. not how you look. 


ok, now that that's out of the way...we can get started! this is YOUR life and your time and you've come here for a reason, right? maybe? not sure? NO WORRIES! i'm here to help.


so, before we move a muscle, let's find your WHY! what's important to you? what are your goals (big, small, and anywhere in between)? what movement do you already enjoy?what motivates you? what makes you feel strong and empowered?


getting curious about all of THIS is how you find an enjoyable and sustainable routine.

THIS is where we start.

and then...we move! with a thorough movement assessment and lots of open communication, we'll build a program that is both functional (enhances your every day movement demands), strength oriented, and FUN!


with the  basics as our foundation and the belief that classics are classics for a reason (squats, lunges, deadlifts, rows, etc) - we'll make your your movement


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my background

i've been exploring allll the ways to move my body since my dad forced me into skis at age 2! although the winter sports never stuck for this lifelong (so far!) vermonter,  finding ways to have fun with movement did - thanks dad! i guess it wouldn't be fair not to thank my mom, too...she was an aerobics instructor in the 80's and continued to take classes with baby me in her tummy. 

i have been the zumba, running, elliptical cardio queen. i have lifted really heavy. i have lifted really light. i have worked out 7 days a week, afraid to take a rest day. i have taken a year off. i have had many

PR's and injuries.  

and the big  truth is, like many, i have struggled with my body image at different points in my life. i've had unhealthy exercise and eating patterns. i've focused heavily on the size of my pants. i've done a heck of a lot of work to find freedom and i'd love to share this space with you!


i began teaching group fitness classes in 2018 and fell in love immediately. 

i earned my NASM Certified Personal Trainer certification in 2019. i began training a year later after i got over my imposter syndrome (ok, that's still there most days!)  i secured my NASM Behavior Change Specialist cert in early 2021. TGCF opened in april of 2021 allowing me to work with the most amazing humans every day -  and finally, in may of 2022, i completed my  Corrective Exercise Specialist certification through NASM!



photos above by: emma rebeor

you in?! all that's left to do is MOVE!

i offer 1:1, 2:1, and small group personal training in my gorgeous studio in the south end of burlington! 

click below to fill out the form and get started!


When I first started training with Hilary I had tendonitis in both knees. I could barley walk let alone go up and downstairs. We slowly worked on strengthening the correct muscles and now I am not only doing stairs but I am also squatting with a 25lb weight! This makes life 10000xs easier!!!

I treasure my weekly sessions with Hilary. (Yes, I strength train just once a week and still find myself getting stronger- whether it’s an increase in reps and/or weights during a session, or the ease of everyday activities like picking up a heavy item around the house and climbing stairs.)

I’d had an injury that had plagued me the last several years and made me reluctant to push myself while working out on my own and causing more pain. I discussed this with Hilary before starting training and she reassured me that we would start slow. And that’s just what we did; we’ve worked steadily and I no longer have the pain. It’s been such a relief to get past this pain and no longer feel stuck.