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frequently asked questions

personal training

  • what if i've never done strength training before? PERFECT. i love that you're interested in exploring this option. 1:1 training is the smartest thing you can do as someone new to strength training. you'll get a complete movement assessment to see where you're at and then SAFE & THOUGHTFULLY curated programming to help you introduce this new activity to your life and body.  

  • how long is each session? 55-60 full, fun minutes!

  • how are the sessions structured? 60 minutes of work scares the sh*t out of me! don't worry! we always start by foam rolling and properly priming the body (mobility, dynamic warm up,  and corrective exercises) before getting into our work. 20-30 minutes is spent doing the initial prep and the remaining 30-40 mins...well, we'll heat it up ;)

  • do you also program other workouts for home in addition to my session in the studio? YES. with all personal training packages you get UNLIMITED access to the ALL ACCESS PASS....WHAT?! i know! 

  • can i bring my kiddo to the session? this is a toughie. flexibility is important to me. i know child care can often be a barrier and bringing your little human may be the only option so that you can get your workout in. BUT. this is YOUR time and your commitment to yourself. i want it to be as much about YOU as possible. having distractions present certainly detract from this. if this answer seems wishy, washy; it is! so, this is where i land. generally i'd like to avoid having the littles join - i'm open to discussing on a case by case basis. 

  • what if i have tons of questions and i'm not sure i'm ready but i AM intrigued? EXCELLENT. let's chat. i will answer alllll the things with no pressure to commit. we can start the convo and go from there!

  • do i have to do weigh ins? HARD NO. in fact, i won't do it even if you asked. not my jam, ma'm.



​zoom classes

  • how do i sign up for class? head over to the schedule

  • do the classes on my class pack ever expire? nope, never! 

  • i'm new to my fitness routine; will i be able to keep up? YES. as a wise friend of mine always says, ability level is a mindset. i promise to give TONS of options for each movement and you'll always be encouraged to choose what feels best for you that day. 

  • how early should i sign up? please sign up at least 30 minutes before class starts! 

  • what is the cancellation policy? 24 hrs. you can cancel class on the sutra app or online. if it is within the cancellation period, you will receive a refund to your CC if you paid a drop in fee OR your class will be returned to your pack if you used your account. 

  • why don't you do the work outs with us? because you are stronger than me!! and also because i have a firm philosophy on this...

    • 1. this is not my workout, it is yours. this class is about you and our community and that is 100% my focus and where i want my energy to stay. 

    • 2. i need to see you. while i will NEVER call anyone out individually in class unless you were at risk of really hurting yourself, you will hear me make form corrections, option suggestions, and invite alignment  check ins throughout class.


outside classes

  • can i bring my kiddos to the outdoor/in person classes? see the answer above in the personal training section...this one is a little more lenient but please consider the following: my priority is the experience of those joining our class as well as everyone's safety, kiddos included! using your best judgement, please feel free to have your kids join as spectators or cheerleaders; we'll leave the burpees to the 18+'s! thank you for your understanding!

  • do i need to bring anything to the outdoor class? just your smokin' bod and some water! i will worry about the rest!

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