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photo by lauren white


learn how to build 200+ workouts...for $25 (no, that's not a typo!!)

when it comes to WHAT to do at the gym, have you noticed that the 'fitness world' LOVES to complicate

things and make you feel like you're ALWAYS doing it wrong?...ok, of course you have. it is EVERYWHERE.

the truth's really not that hard. it is actually VERY simple to put together an efficient

and effective movement session. you just need someone to teach you the equation...

i want to let you in on the KEEP IT SIMPLE, SWEETIE

secret sauce that is going to free up allllll that

headspace you're spending at the gym on:

"welp, what the heck do i do now?"

and instead focus on:

"OMG. i created this?!i feel SO strong!'


in this E-GUIDE you'll learn:

  • Keep It Simple, Sweetie (KISS) equation - learn to create 200+ workouts ON YOUR OWN!

  • 5 functional movement pattern category intro

  • 3 exercises from each category (complete demo video, verbal cues, breakdown of target muscles, and pro tips for each!)

  • reps & sets, load, rest (OH MY!) unpacked

  • anatomy 101 muscle guide

  • 8 minute warm up

  • 5 minute cool down

  • BONUS: my favorite workout!

--> equipment suggested: a light & medium set of weights (a bench or step is helpful but not required if you get creative!)

--> basic movement experience is helpful yet not required! the demos for each movement provide scaled options of most levels of experience.

photo by lauren white

hey, CURRENT CLIENTS! this is the perfect way to add on to alllll the strong goodness we work on in the studio!

and hey, hello, HI NEW/FUTURE CLIENTS! get a little taste of what TGCF is all about - the principles and movements that are in this guide are the foundation of how we program for our personal training and small group training sessions!


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