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photo by: dwelling photography


  • WHAT IF I'VE NEVER DONE STRENGTH TRAINING BEFORE? PERFECT. i love that you're interested in exploring this option. 1:1 training is the smartest thing you can do as someone new to strength training. we'll start with a complete movement & mind assessment to see where you're at and then SAFE & THOUGHTFULLY curated programming at each session to progress your strength and confidence at a pace you feel really good about.  

  • DO I HAVE TO WEIGHT IN OR TAKE PROGRESS PHOTOS? HARD NO. not my jam, ma'm. there are SO many ways to measure progress and celebrate wins that actually matter!

  • WILL I ALSO GET WORKOUTS TO DO AT HOME? YES. with all personal training packages you get UNLIMITED access to 30 programs (accessed via an app on your phone) to choose from each month; these are totally optional (note: these programs are not customized/individualized.)

  • WHAT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS AND IM NOT SURE IM READY...BUT I'M INTRIGUED? EXCELLENT. let's chat. i will answer alllll the things with no pressure to commit. i'd love help organize your thoughts and figure out what the best next step is.

  • WHAT IF OUR SCHEDULES DON'T ALIGN?  i keep a waitlist for when time slots open up! if you're ready to move NOW, sign up for some group fitness classes OR consider remote personal training!


  • HOW DO I KNOW WHAT CLASS IS RIGHT FOR ME? all of our classes are TRULY 'all levels'! our instructors are experts at showing a range of variations for every exercise so you can be sure to find what works for you. check out the class descriptions and see what strikes your fancy - and as always, feel free to reach out and ask! emma, caitlin, laura or myself are all so happy to help guide you to the perfect first choice!

  • WHAT IF I'M NEW TO GROUP FITNESS AND I'M NERVOUS ABOUT JOINING? this is so real and so normal - WE GET IT and we got you! we may be a little biased, but the TGCF studio is hands down the most welcoming fitness environment in town. ask questions, request modifications, grab a buddy to  shadow...ABSOLUTELY no judgement ever! PLUS we keep our crew small - classes are capped at 6 people so you can feel supported by the instructor while still vibing off of the group energy!


  • WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING TO CLASS? a water bottle (water cooler for refills is available!), sneaks (if you want! some prefer bare or sock feet!), and anything else you'd like! sweat towels are provided.  

  • HOW EARLY SHOULD I GET TO CLASS? the studio will be open and ready for you 5-10 minutes prior to start time! 


  • WHERE IS THE STUDIO? we are located at 431 pine street in burlington vermont (the maltex building).

  • IS THERE PARKING? yes! and it's free! 

  • ARE THERE BATHROOMS? yes! there are two private bathrooms right outside of the studio door. one has a shower (first come first served).



*what did we miss?! reach out to hilary@takegoodcarefitness with any further questions!*

photo by: dwelling photography
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