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welcome to the
iron jungle

photo by: dwelling photography

welcome to the iron jungle

an effective & SIMPLE guide to learning how to program your own workouts! 


this is PERFECT for you if you want to prioritize movement but...

  • what movements do i choose?

  • how do i know i'm doing them correctly?

  • how many reps & sets do i do?

  • how long do i rest?

  • do i do a warm up? if yes, what do i do?!

  • what muscles are where?

  • ETC.


unlock your confidence with the tools to build your own workout & walk into the gym ready to WORK!


this virtual guide is bursting at the seams with everything you need to program the perfect gym sesh EVERY TIME. whether you love the gym and simply need a PLAN or you've never felt comfy stepping into the weight room and want some support to feel locked and loaded - this is for YOU. 




inside the easy to follow virtual guide:

  • intro to basic movement patterns & everyday application

  • anatomy 101 - learn your muscles!

  • build your program 

    • movement selection (demo videos with cueing!) - so. many. combo possibilities. 

    • reps, sets, variation, & rest overview

    • full warm up

  • gym checklist - check your body, energy, and gym bag!

  • workout log/tracker (unlimited copies!)

  • workout inspo - ideas for your first 4 weeks of programs

  • BONUS: mobility FREEBIES!


you are SO ready! let's do this!

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photo by: dwelling photography

are you ready to
step into the iron jungle?

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