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on saying something good

tldr; tell someone something good today.

recently a friend from high school reached out to tell me that i inspired her everyday. everyday? me?...well, shit. what a powerful message to receive. and like most people who are working on (read: wildly uncomfortable) taking compliments i responded back with something like, "you're so sweet, right back at you!" but, let's be real, this one hit; even more so now as i process what it actually means to hear something like that. because speaking out candidly about my experience with anxiety and my wellness journey is so prominent in what i share here, this meant that something i said or shared resonated. so really, this very literally meant everything. (you know who you are and i hope you are reading this. thank you. i will carry this with me).

our turn: this same extraordinary opportunity is available to all of us right now - and what an absolute treat that it's actually so easy: we need to say good things to people. we need to say, "you are a light". we need to say, "i'm proud of you". we need to say, "i love you". we need say, "you're doing a great job". we need to say, "i see you fighting". we need to say, "thank you for being in my life". we need to say, "i'm with you". the extent of pure GOODNESS i felt when receiving a message like that is still serving me now. imagine what it might feel like to give that to someone else? damn good.

reach out to your people. family. friends. someone you haven't talked to in years. a random that you follow on IG that you vibe with. text. instagram. snail mail. phone call. it doesn't matter.

say something good.


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